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Feeling roubled with writing backend API for each and every entity you have to expose to frontend web page? That is why we have this!

This is extremely experimental and should be considered proof-of-concept, NEVER try to use it in production environment. 


The workflow:

  • Create/Modify JSON data on frontend
  • Send JSON via HTTP POST
  • Data is saved to Database.


  • Works like Microsoft Azure Mobile Service, just POST JSON to API and the data is stored on database. But we are far better because we also create the table automagically too!
  • Offload all CRUD API development from developer all over the world.
  • No more creating data classes, No more attributes, No more Mapping, Never Maintain the EF Migration or using the Fluent API again (and again, and again…)


  1. GET/POST/DELETE backend endpoints to work with Entity. [POST is working currently]
  2. GET endpoints support OData URLs such as $select, $filter, $orderby
  3. Provide JavaScript which can be used to send 'CRUD' request to backend
  4. Automatic View scaffolding, generates View on the fly if it does not already exists.

What we use:

  • NancyFX for super-duper-happy-path 
  • SisoDb for document-oriented storage with MS SQL/SQLCE as Backend Storage
  • NewtonSoft.Json, who does not use this when working with JSON?

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